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voice ; december 7th ; morning
palaverous wrote in soul_campaign
[A disinterested sound as he stares at the communicator. It is hardly something to covet if it is given to everyone – even if it has the ability to speak to many across a wide span of space. The importance of objects comes from not just from the rarity—]

To fight in a war or not fight in a war.

The options upon coming into this world are rather simple. But simplicity is best in these times. Still, I don't believe I can align myself with weak individuals. I shall find something else to pass my time until either true strength appears to win, or everyone is dead.

Let's see … perhaps, I shall open up an antique shop. It seems foolish to do anything beyond what I have done. [Another sigh.] At the very least, I am glad to find that I still have Nobunaga's skull. Even if all treasures are lost, the fact that I have this means that it is even more valuable here than anywhere else.

And that shall make the wine that I drink from it that much more delicious.

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Hamlet is an antique dealer, huh? Who knew. But then again, my Shakespeare is a little rusty.

I have to say, though, drinking out of a skull sounds a little nasty. I hope you cleaned it out well.

Hamlet? No. My name is Matsunaga Hisahide.

It is as clean as it needs to be to enjoy my drink. I am certain I shall enjoy it by the moonlight tonight, as well.

My mistake. The skull and the to-do or not-to had me confused~ I'm Faye Valentine, by the way.

As for your evening of drinking, I'm sure the moon here'll lend a certain...ambiance, but it might not be what you're expecting.

I've never heard of Hamlet, but if he is someone who also enjoys to drink from skulls... he will be in the company of kindred spirits. Faye Valentine. I will keep that in mind for as long as your life interests me.

Even so, my drink was interrupted and I would like to finish it.

Gee thanks. You're a real sweetheart, Matsunaga. Anyway, I don't think he so much drank from skulls as monologued at them.

...Do I want to know what you were drinking?

You're welcome, Faye Valentine.

What reason would anyone need to monologue at a skull? I see no reason for it as the dead will never answer. Perhaps, he merely is lonely for the soul that was in the skull. Of course, that makes it even more of a pointless action.

Wine. It is the only thing to drink when one is enjoying such interesting sights.

...Uh....[She racks her brain, trying to recall the play. It's not working.] You know, I think that's the thing about Hamlet. No one's ever really figured out the guy's motivation.

[To be honest, she was half suspecting it to be blood. Faye breathes out a bit in relief.] Wine and skulls... It's the little things in life that make it worthwhile, huh?

Hm, I suppose that it is best.

It is, yes. But the worth is only while one is alive and is rather subjective.

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