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Fourth Parfait [Video] | Nov. 30
If you're trying to be cute - forget it.
silvershamurai wrote in soul_campaign
[The video feed shows two guys sitting at desks next to each other, Dante has his feet up on his desk and is sprawled rather lazily on his seat.

Gintoki on the other hand settles the communicator down, offering a clear view of the both of them. Once he feels the angle's right, he sits back in his seat, arms folded. Looks like he has something to say.]

Alright, listen up ya bastards. Business has been slow for too long. You'd think with a bunch of colourful charac- [He stops there.] -people like you, you guys would have some more problems you need solving. Yorozuya Gin-chan is here to fix all your troubles.

[At this point Dante decides to finally look up and gives a wave at the camera.]

No one can understand this... [It takes him a couple of tries, but he eventually manages to get the words out in the most mangled Japanese accent ever.] Yorozuya Gin-chan crap. This is America, you gotta learn to speak the language here. [Never mind that no one has to because there's an automatic translator.]

The name needs to be simple and catchy... [Pause for dramatic effect.] Like Devil May Cry.

I think you mean Gin-san Is Crying. The Yorozuya is what I've had since the first episode, and like hell you're gonna make me change it. We're the Yorozuya. It's a collective term. What are people gonna refer to us as? The Devils? This isn't some teenager's angsty fanfiction, you know.

What the hell does [Again with the mangled Japanese.] Yorozuya even mean? It sounds like some idiot trying to talk about Zoro.

[Insert fingerpointing.] And what's wrong with our names? What kind of stupid naming needs us to be a collective term?

Hah? Zoro? The hell is that? Zura's the one who's more into that dramatic vigilante crap. Guy thinks he's some sort of superhero I bet. [But that's not what's important.]

It's easier for clients to remember us if we stick to one term. [He scratches at his scalp for a few seconds. Since Dante's forking out half the rent, might as well compromise.] What the hell do you suggest then?

[Yeaaaaah, whine and be stubborn long enough and you get to see results. Zura is that wig guy who wants to be Zoro, got it.

Rubs his chin in thought.]
Since it’s both of our thing and we both want different things...

[Let's fight? Play a game and winner gets to choose? FUCK YOU ALL AND LISTEN TO DANTE ONLY? Nope, because he has an absolutely brilliant idea.] We can fuse the names together! [He got his idea from the Gin-san is crying.]

[Fuse... the names... From the look on his face, it's plain to see he's rather hesitant as to what Dante could possibly come up with, but his options were either to simply roll with it, or lose the money he puts in every month.] ...Alright, I’ll bite...

[Dante on the other hand is incredibly proud of his brilliant idea.] When you hear it you are going to be blown away. You ready?


Yorozuya May Cry. []

[Huh. That... actually wasn’t too bad. Still, there’s a long silence before he responds.] Yorozuya May Cry. I guess that works. Looks like you're not all brawn, Dante.

[He’s much too happy about his brilliant idea that the silence doesn’t phase him in the least.]

Who do you think you’re talking to, my idea’s the best. [He leans back and pushes the front legs of the chair off the ground.] It's easy to remember, has real English in it and it's got that collective term you’re so obsessed about.

[At this point, someone barges in after having been on standby mode for some time. Yorozuya May Cry? Yorozuya May Cry? The very idea was bordering on ridiculous and Katsura's determined to make his point on it as a shareholder.]

What are the two of you doing, changing names as if you're changing brands of toilet paper? It's the Yorozuya, the Yorozuya! And Gintoki, I didn't give you all of that money so that you can- [And the feed cuts off at this point, leaving the audience with no clue as to what Katsura was going to say.]

[ooc: Inboxes if you wish to plot with us! No really, use it please. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT GUYS. THEY NEED STRAWBERRY SUNDAES AND PARFAITS, YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA. Gintoki, Dante]

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Now this is just sad. That's the best you can come up with?

Edited at 2011-07-21 12:58 am (UTC)

That's the best he can come up with. Yorozuya Gin-chan sounded better, right? This is America, right? Exotic names stand out, right? [A sigh. It may or may not have been added simply for dramatic effect.] The sacrifices I make for my business.

...something like that.

I'll give you a point, if only because the new name makes you sound like professional grievers or just men in touch with their emotions.

Women prefer sensitive men anyway. Or are you one of those types who repeatedly come crawling back after a guy swindles all your money?

If a guy tried, I'd use all my feminine graces to delicately break his knees~

But that's getting off topic. What's your business anyway?

Hah, I'm sure you would. [No really, he is.]

We're a freelancing business. If you've got something that needs to be done, we'll do it.

[Hmm. That gives Faye a few ideas - no, not those ideas. Just ideas. She grins.]


Anything. And if you're trying to surprise me with something, it probably won't work. You're talking to a guy who's had his penis turned into a screwdriver before. You could say I fear nothing now. [Because he may or may not be wearing a protective cup. LET'S SEE ANYTHING GET THROUGH THAT.]


The future sounds like a scary place.]

How did that happen?

Aliens and RPGs. [Said like it's completely natural.]

What he said. [meaning Takasugi then quickly adds: ] No, wait. I don't want to know.

You idiot! Why would you even?!

Why would I even what?

[Action] All the jacking

[Laughing in the background, damn straight he heard all that.]

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