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☼ 002 ☼ [video] November 28th, midday
1st_class_honor wrote in soul_campaign
[Huh, wonder who this is. Oh, right! It’s Zack, not that it isn’t obvious by those electric blue eyes, that untamable black hair, and his normally smiling face. Yeah. Seems about right. Although, he seems a little flustered today, with a furrowed brow, his lips screwed up in some contemplative confusion. And his cheeks? Oh, his cheeks are still pink from a fading blush.]

Well, that’s one way to say ‘hello’ I guess. Most people just shake my hand; that’s the first time someone went right for the hair. Guess some customs are a little more, um, touchy-feely than others.

[His throat clears and he musters his smile back up. Mmhm, that’s better.]

So, I wanted to thank everyone who put their life on the line recently with the mission; I know other folks have said it already –probably better and more eloquently than I ever could—but I wanted to throw my appreciation in there as well. It’s an honor to serve with such a wonderful band of people. Humbling, too.

And for the people who got hurt, if there’s anything I can do to help you out, anything you need, anything at all, let me know.

[There’s a nod, as if reaffirming the fact, before he looks off camera, trying to make sure someone is or isn’t around. Not that it matters, since he’s leaving this open to the public, for all the network to see. Might want to rethink the strategy there.]

So, I think I’m hosting a Welcome-Back-New-Place-To-Live dinner party in a few days, and I have two questions: one, what’re the rules of a dinner party, and two, what in this place tastes like chocobo?

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Rules I could help you with, but what's a chocobo?

Jeeze, was our place the only one with chocobos? It's a giant yellow bird, that you can ride. Well, they're not all yellow, I guess; those are just the most common ones. And they're pretty nice, as long as you don't try to pluck feathers. Then, um, watch out for how hard they kick.

[Not that he knew from childhood dares. Oh, no, not ever.]

I guess we just have ostriches instead.

[a grin] So, how hard do they kick?

Ostriches? Huh?

[Oooh, watch him wince.] Let's just say I had a foot-shaped bruise on my chest for weeeeeks. Mom was so mad, but hey, I got the feather.

[wryly] As long as it was worth it.

Mmm. Ostriches are big birds. Can't fly, they run really fast. I guess you could ride one if you really wanted to - and wanted another bruise.

[video] - Sorry it took so long to get back to you! Life exploded. ._.

Everything is worth doing at least once, just to say you've done it. Life is about living, right?

Hmmm...sounds about right!

[video] No worries! It happens^^

Depends on what it is, I'd say. Life's about living, not trying to get yourself killed~

Yeah, but sometimes the best way to appreciate it is to throw yourself in danger.

[video] sob, then lj went down...

What kind of danger are we talking about? It can't all be about chocobos, right?

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