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055 | Mustang | November 27, Noon | Video
not looking very good.
thewarisover wrote in soul_campaign
[Still in the office, still wearing the clothes he had worn on the mission. Looks like he's been smoking and drinking a lot of coffee too.

If for anything, though, Roy Mustang's as strong as ever. Fuck tired: there's too much to do.]

This should be old news by now since word travels fast, but... our mission in Arizona was a success. I'd like to extend my gratitude to everyone who signed up and helped us achieve our objective.

Along that line, my office and the Watch could use some help. I've done some thinking on how I can rearrange my force to better serve the people of Death City and guests like myself, and I finally have something, I believe.

[Have a link, guys.]

We're opening up new positions to whoever is willing to help us out, or feel like they wish to contribute to the war effort. If you have any questions, you're welcome to ask me now.

[A pause, then, as he's putting out his cigarette. The look on his face is grave in the next part, and his voice goes quiet.]

On a final note, I want to extend my condolences, as well, to those of you who knew Train Heartnet. He was killed in action during the operation, and as someone who worked closely with him, not having him with us anymore is a blow to us all.

[He could have kept this under a filter - it's only really relevant to the Watch, in a way. But maybe this, too, is a statement. The war's real, guys, whether any of you like it or not, and there are people risking their lives for everyone, and they deserve to be recognized, even if no one's thanking them for it.]

Thanks for your time.

Filter: Shibusen Staff

I've got a full report on the battle ready for your perusal.

If you need me for anything else, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Filter: Clinic People, especially Naomi and Watson

[Sending a text file over of the people he's noted down for injuries and the like. It's accurate and to date, for the most part.]

Please let me know if there are others that I should know about, especially if they're on my team.

Filter: The Watch [General]

All of you might want to check our inbox, as well, for a description on the positions that have opened up. All of you are free to sign up for them too, and take on as much work as you want for so long as I don't feel like you're stretching yourselves out too thin.

Zone Leaders, take charge of finding people to cover the shifts of the people who've been knocked out of commission because of the mission. Report the changes in shifts to me, and to the clerks.

Filter: Armstrong

How did your meeting with Miss Rochefort go, Major? Also: is there anything to report?

Filter: Sexy/TARDIS

Now that I'm back, I think we can discuss our arrangement at length before we get into anything.

Filter: Souji

We can talk now.

Filter: Flynn

Now that things are back to normal, you're welcome to come in and observe. How do you want this to go?

Filter: Nataku

I'm ready.

Filter: Dante & Vergil, on the same filter

I'm guessing we'll have to put off our talk until Vergil has recovered. [Yuna too, since Vergil is probably worried, but Roy's not adding THAT part.] Am I correct?

Filter: Aerith

I have a proposal to make.

Before Zack starts freaking out, I assure you: it does not involve rings.

Filter: Lady

How does the 29th look for you?

Filter: Fullmetal

Back. I trust you've kept yourself out of trouble so far?

ooc: OOC post regarding the jobs and other things is here! Please check it out if you haven't already. :3

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[Somethings never change and it seems you, Mustang, are one of them.] Need a light?

Always do.

[Smiles, tired but warm.]

You're a sight for sore eyes.

Glad to hear it~ Especially since I'm planning on sticking around.

My spot on the Watch still open?

For a pretty lady like yourself who can shoot the wings off of a fly? Of course.

Careful, Roy. You might make me blush.

So, did I miss much while I was gone?

Oh, this and that. Death, destruction, craziness. The usual.

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