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November 26th // Second Misfortune [Video]
Haters are indeed going to hate.
u_mad_vendice wrote in soul_campaign
[Today our favorite non-alien frog is lying on ~his own~ bed in ~his own~ apartment, because finally he's been granted some freedom!]


[And being the passive, noncommittal tool he is, he has no idea what to do with this new-found freedom. It's kind of boring. Might as well use the network to cure said boredom while his boss and Master are out to Arizona.]

Ah, I heard there was a school here for weapons and meisters. Do I have to go? 
Now that I think about it, I've skipped class for a few days. They'd probably put me in detention. Maybe I shouldn't go. I'd rather not be imprisoned again, please.

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...You're asking permission to play hooky? I think you're missing the point here somewhere.

If I don't, my idiot commander might go berserk again and attempt murder. Again.

This place is kind of insane anyway. Their rules are probably twisted as well.

Uh huh.

So, just don't get caught~ Problem solved.

No, he will. Ch. He's always screaming "VOOOOI" about something.

Oh, didn't you hear? Apparently we're being constantly watched.

[VOOOII, huh? You don't say~] I think I've heard him over the network once or twice...

[She'll just roll her eyes at the next part.] But clearly you are not up to this level of deviance if you're going to let something like that stop you. Do you do anything besides make excuses?

You would have to be completely deaf not to.

[Excuses are his best attribute!] Really, how deviant is this? I think it's a pretty good excuse.

Kid, from what I've seen, you aren't even up to jaywalking.

...and you know your "commander" can see this, right?

Oh, no. I would never break the law like that.

[Pssh, he knows nothing of murdering people using extremely painful illusions what are you talking about.]


He can?

Hn. [Silly me! Must have been thinking of someone else... Unfortunately, she hasn't a clue about your day job, Fran. She just thinks you're an odd duck, frog, whatever.]

What do you think?


So he's a stalker as well.

Oh, I dunno. Might be. Is that in your commander's job description?

Probably. "Boss' slave" is another part of it.

Slave. Man-servant. Lackey.

Whatever you want to call it.

Okay, sure.

[So, this is getting weird-ish. Faye hesitates over throwing up a filter then just does it.] But that doesn't clear up much. What did you say you do again?

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