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.xv [Audio/Video/Audio/Video/Audio/Video -- Squalo is kind of a moron.]
18 [Murderous]
requiem_no_ame wrote in soul_campaign
[That's right, you don't get to see Squalo's pretty hair this time. Wanna know why?]

VOOOII, all this fucking sand is a fucking bitch to get out of fucking hair.

[Because Squalo is annoyed enough to make every third word he speaks some variation of the word fuck, that's why.]

Is that what the fucking frogs were like? Because that was fucking laughable.

[A grunt. A grunt can mean many things, you dirty minded perverts would be disappointed, though. He's just trying to comb his hair.]


[Switched to Video; Filtered to Shouta]

...that wasn't nearly as bad, was it?

[A smirk, and you actually get to see him combing sand out of his hair as he works.]

Perhaps this partnership will be more entertaining than I thought.

[And that's as close to a compliment you'll get. Sneer,]

Or do you have any complaints?

[Switched to Audio; Filtered to Faye Valentine]

VOOOII, still alive, I hope? Because if you went and died just so you wouldn't have to buy me a beer, my heart would break.

[Switched to Video; Filtered to Belphegor]

[He stops brushing for a moment, staring at the camera with a frown and a squint.]

...where the fuck are you?

[Switched to Audio; Filtered to Varia/Vongola still in the city]

VOOOII, anyone seen Bel around?

[That's not worry, that's sheer fucking dread. He's the one that always cleans up Bel's mess, after all.]

[Switched to Video; Filtered to Roy Mustang]

I think I just partnered up with one of your men.

[Amused risen eyebrow.]

I think this is the part where you offer me a job.

[OOC: all replies to this are ICly delayed until the next IC day, since Squalo put it up before being dragged leaving with the rescue team.]

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[She looks up from doing her nails, which were in desperate need of attention after the sand.]......Oh, ha ha. I'm still alive and kicking, thanks. [sets aside her file]

Now would this heart-breaking be due to the loss of the beer or the loss of me?

[Diplomatic non-answer is a go!]

I'm appalled you'd think otherwise!

[There's a slight pause as she decides how to take the non-answer. Faye gives a teasing look and pretends to write a note.]

Squalo' warm...and...flat... Got it~

Am I making a personal delivery or did you want to hit the town?

[Excuse him while he chokes on a snort.]

I think we should hit town, and see if we can find exactly my kind of beer.

[She'll just pull an innocent face.]

And here I was sure I had gotten it right... Town it is.

[Have a faint leer.]

I'm quite sure I can introduce you to the right kind.

[Returned with a raised eyebrow and a flirty smile.]

Oh? See, I usually think it's good to have a certain degree of [waves a hand] flexibility when it comes to these things.

Flexibility, milady, should never compromise good taste.


That said, there's always ways to work things out to satisfaction.

You don't say...

Speaking of good taste, we're dressing up for this - or at least I am. There is a new cocktail dress hanging in my closet that's dying for some use.


Then I'll have to, too. It'd be such a shame to let you be seen with anything less than perfection.

[Yep, that was a hair flip.]

[ooc: ...this entire thread, in retrospect given the timeline? Is absolutely hilarious.]

Now that's the spirit~ [A wink.] Maybe I was wrong on my beer selection after all.

[ooc: Oh I know, right? Attacks, what attacks XD]

[A grin.]

I'm sure we'll be able to find something to both our tastes

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