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nothing about this screams 'demon' okay
snaketempter wrote in soul_campaign
[Filtered from Genesis Rhapsodos and War]

[Yep, he did it. A right bastard like that, Crowley is or maybe just very paranoid. Anyway, this is around late morning, once all the peeps for that Europe mission is gone.]

Now that half of the city is gone, the place seems a lot more quieter. Or maybe its because all the noisy ones have left. [Not that he cares, really. But what is important is that most of them Watch folks are gone.]

That said, I have a question, for those willing to answer: I've heard a lot about the security force that works to protect this place, and call me curious - but I'd like to hear some public opinions about them now that most of the Watch has left for Europe. What do you all think about the Watch? They've done quite a fair bit, I've heard, so I'm just wondering what you all think about them.

[Crowley, stalking out opportunities? Naaaaaw.]

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Why all the curiosity?

I'm a curious guy.

So it seems. You looking at joining or what?

I'm not a fighting kind of guy.

Neutralist. I just don't like to be on any side.

Could be. Or you like to hedge your bets~

Edited at 2011-09-26 04:48 pm (UTC)

Whatever gave you that idea?

I guess you could just be one of those indifferent types.

No one is ever really indifferent, though. If you were, you wouldn't be asking questions, right?

Like I said, I'm just curious.

Guess it's a good thing you're not a cat, huh?

Wouldn't really be here talking if I was one.

...never mind.

But you know, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility. Not here, anyway what with dragons and talking ponies. Weirder things have happened.

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