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dear diary
neverbeenworse wrote in soul_campaign
[His is a hesitant message, pecked out into the communicator over the course of an hour as he blankly stares at the window displays in the Holocaust Mall, occasionally tripping over the floor, or his own feet, or god forbid, someone else's feet]

What if you're not good at picking out presents?

[The problem, in Enma's mind, is two-fold: One, he never really thought about Christmas presents much before, since where he's from Christmas is for boyfriends and girlfriends, and he never quite expected to have one of those. Two, presents weren't much of a thing in his family. Maybe a clumsily made cake on someone's birthday, or a hand-made card, but outside of that, real presents weren't much of a thing in the Shimon Family. Blame being on the run for a good portion of one's life, Enma supposes]

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[Faye grins to herself and hopes that Gai sees this. Right now she's pretty sure she's winning their bet.]

Well, I did happen to make this handy list. Right here

Edited at 2011-09-14 04:09 pm (UTC)

Does alcohol really work that well?

Of course it does. It's an easy all around gift.

Unless the person in question is a minor or doesn't drink. You do know that much, don't you?

i do. wouldn't work for my friends from home.

[A beat -- well, there is Julie, but he's not here...]

at least not for the ones here. maybe flowers.

[He's gotten those in the hospital before! Christmas...might work the same way. Right?]

Might work. What kind of flowers? descriptive.

Different flowers mean different things, you know.


what about "thank you" or "i'm sorry"?

You need a present to say "I'm sorry"? What did you do?


tried to kill them.

Edited at 2011-10-02 07:13 pm (UTC)

I can just see your card now.

"Happy Christmas, New Years too
Sorry for trying to murder you."

That calls for one hell of a bouquet, I'd say.

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