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December 15th| Morning| Second Arte [Filtered text| Video| Text]
curtissy wrote in soul_campaign
[The first parts of this post are filtered as soon as the feed begins; Jade’s not one to suffer fools hacking into private matters and anyone that does discover the hidden content in the first filter will receive a rather nasty surprise: The message is written like this; only its recipients will be able to understand it.]

[Filter: Asch, Anise, Guy, Luke, Natalia, Tear| Text]

Well then. Now that the festival is over, I would like to remind all of you that it’s all fun and games until a war breaks out. [Morbid and horrible as it sounds, he’s being serious this time.] What do you think of the headlines in yesterday’s and today’s news? And if you haven’t already done so, I would recommend that you read the news before you ask any questions.

And if it won’t be a bother, do try to reply in the same way as I did. Unless you’ve forgotten the Fonic alphabet of course; that would be absolutely tragic.

[Filter: Professor Stein| Video]

I’ll be brief this time, Professor: I have a concern about my Weapon abilities and I would like to know if you can answer it.

It concerns the Madness Wavelength.

[Public| Video -> Text]

[When Jade finally shows up on the feed, he looks relaxed as ever.]

I find that there’s nothing like a little simulation to keep the mind sharp. [The feed switches to text and shows a five-by-five box with coordinates A-1 to E-5.]

Pick a square, Death City. You might find something fun if you’re lucky~

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Bored, are you~

[There's a sliiight hesitation before her gambling nature takes over.] I'll take C-3.

Fortunately, no. However, this '1' that has appeared on your selected square wonders why have you not selected C-4 instead.

[a beat] C-4 sounded explosive.

So the '1' doesn't wonder why I didn't pick C-2?

Its philosophical musings were tragically cut short by a well-placed mine. It seems whoever planted that mine lacks a sense of humor.

How devastating. To think what we could have learned from it. Out of curiosity, though, what does C-4 have to reveal about all this?

Another meaningless death, courtesy of our morbid villain. Some might call him ruthless.

He's something alright. [She scowls to herself.]

A-5 What about that one?

How curious, you've uncovered a 1. And one must now wonder how best to proceed so as to not meet another untimely demise.

Another one? Alright, alright. [No more missteps. Let's think about this.]


Before witnessing this explosion thrice in a row, I never would have thought that bad luck does happen in threes.

WHAT?! Dammit. [Her luck is ever so much better when she cheats. Faye makes a displeased grunting sound and looks over what she's done so far.]

Hey, so, does this little game of yours start over each time I blow myself up or am I working with what I've got?

Please, there's no need to be dramatic. It starts over each time as the game is over after you've lost it so you'll have to work with what you discover during each session.

I'm simply in touch with my emotions. It's healthy.

And probably better from me than tip toeing through a mine field, imaginary or otherwise.

I can't imagine that tip-toeing in any form is any indication of good health, but I could be proven wrong if I had a test subject.

Sorry, I've got plans. Might I suggest a ballerina?

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