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ACT II ♦ Video ♦ January 19 ♦ Evening
don't you drink their poison too
[Well, Kasuka’s been pretty much radio silent since his first day in DC. There’s not a reason for it honestly, beyond the fact that he has little interest in frivolous social interaction. He’s been studying instead, looking for work, and taking advantage of the opportunity to hang out with his big brother.

His big brother who happens to be hanging around in the background when Kasuka finally gets the urge to go address this network thing again. He doesn’t seem to mind or even really notice, though, instead staring blankly at the screen like it’s about as interesting as watching paint dry. Take no offense -- he’s just as emotionally dead as usual, and his voice matches when he speaks up.]

This city is weird. Not as weird as I thought at first, though. It’s almost... like home, in some ways. People just going around living as fast as they can while weird things happen over their heads.

[He pauses again, not quite sure what else to say. He just wanted to make sure he didn’t get too far out of current events, honestly. But Shizuo’s hovering has been noticed more than it seemed, and after the slightest narrowing of his eyes, he turns to question him.]

Why are you staring?

[Shizuo blinks, as if he’s only just realised that he’s... perhaps not being as subtle as he could be. Not that it’s particularly easy for a six foot tall blond guy to really be subtle when attempting to lurk.]

… I’m not staring. I was just... [... Staring.] watching you make a post. That’s all.

Why? It isn’t that interesting...

I wanted to.

[Shizuo is treated to a long, flat stare. Flat even for Kasuka. He’s judging you, big bro.]

...I don’t understand.

Doesn’t matter. I’m here, just... do the damn post. [He’s looking a little flustered now. Like he just got caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar.]

There wasn’t anything else to say. Why are you uncomfortable?

[... Shizuo twitches. Rather than answer verbally, he folds his arms across his chest and glares at the back of the sofa, muttering something under his breath.]

I can’t hear that. Brother... [If he were emotive, he’d be exasperated. As it is, he just stares at Shizuo much more intently than Shizuo was staring at his screen.]’re being difficult as always.

[Shizuo glances briefly up at Kasuka, only to freeze slightly when he sees the stare he’s being fixed with. There’s an awkward, and somewhat confusing staring contest between the siblings for a few seconds, before Shizuo spins on his heel with a slight ‘tch’, and stalks off screen a little tensely.]

[Kasuka watches Shizuo go for a moment, then turns to look at the screen entirely again.]

I’m sorry for his behavior. That’s all...

[And with that he switches the feed off.]

(Kasuka and Shizuo. Beware, commenters are subject to response from both brothers!)

1 - Voice [Jan.19th]
holding on for dear life
[His voice doesn't falter and there is a smiling edge to his tone, but he can't trust his face to keep smiling at the communicator for a question like this.]

Is it true that BREW can bring in people that have already died in their own worlds?

January 19, 2010 - Tuesday
[Aah, so many birthday parties. One of them is young, the other one isn't as young. Can you guess how old the moon is in comparison?

Today's temperatures will be 54/39F (12C/4C). It will rain lightly in the afternoon.]

[Repeating the call for beta-readers for the February application cycle: please comment here if you'd like to volunteer. Have a go at our IC test drive memes, too (LJ | DW). Scenario 5 looks so interesting... /leer]

011 | Takasugi | Voice | January 18, as soon as the mission folks are back
jooi - the rain won't stop falling.
[The feed comes on, but it's a while before Takasugi actually speaks. When he does, it's low and a bit rough, as if the person on the other end's holding back and trying his damned best to sound calm.]

...Okita Souji, my partner, appears to have been sent home. I thought I ought to let all of you know.

[Another pause, a shaky breath drawn in.]

Madoka and Mami: it looks like you'll be in charge of our zone while I'm looking for a new partner. I'm sorry about this.

[And that's that. He's cutting off the transmission just as quickly as he started it.]

068 | Mustang | Video | January 18, late morning
yeah well...
Good morning, everyone. I do hope nothing terrible went down while some of us were out on that mission... it's always a problem, having some of our best fighters leave this place en-masse. You never know what could happen.

[His tone is light and casual, though, and his smile is in place even as he says this sort of thing. He believes in the people he leaves behind to protect the city (and in the will to survive of the rest of the guests), after all.]

That reminds me: I'm curious to know how the mission went, for those of you who did get to go.

One more thing. [This is where he looks a bit sad.] Jade Harley appears to have returned to her world. The automail shop she inherited from Winry Rockbell has been left in my care, but with the duties I have towards DOGS and the Watch, I doubt that I'll be able to really take care of it. Mind letting me know if you can help me with this?

Filter: DOGS and The Watch

Partnered pairs who did go on the operation: status report? And can I know if any of you managed to score temporary partners for it as well?

Filter: Flynn;

Our organization needs a uniform, or something with a similar function.


Jan. 18th, early afternoon; video
Or make any with precision
Cooollddd! [Lain is entirely wrapped in blankets like a cocoon, only her head sticking out.]

I'll never be warm again! Too cooolldd! Someone come warm me up! [She pouts, looking absolutely pathetic; it's then Lain takes over, sighing a little but making no move to get out of the blankets]

The mission went well. We were able to destroy our emitter pretty quickly. I-- [Here she pauses and then smiles] ...It was nice to be able to help on a big mission. I'm... very proud.

[But Bold takes over again sighing]

Seriously, someone come and cuddle up with me, I can't feel my toes...

Oh, that reminds me; Naruto, you should come stay overnight some time! It'll be fun!

And I gotta talk to you too, Obito!

January 18, 2010 - Monday
Death City Times


Several of European cities underwent attack from kishin eggs yesterday in what Shibusen has stated to be a massive effort by the Witches to spread madness in continental Europe, this following an investigation that revealed Madness Wavelength devices present in Florence, Vienna, Frankfurt, and Prague.

“The emitters have been disabled,” Deathscythe Tzar Pushka said following an interview of Shibusen Frankfurt. He and Deathscythe Spirit Albarn were on the scene to monitor the clean up and any witch activity. “These emitters caused the people within its radius to be affected by Madness, which changed many to kishin eggs. Sadly, we cannot do anything about those truly corrupted except to eliminate them, but we are hopeful that the rest will recover from their ordeal.”

Deathscythe Albarn, sporting a vibrant blue scarf, also gave his remarks. “Shibusen’s new agents -- you call them guests -- were great. They reacted fast and came immediately. We would have lost more people otherwise. The militia and soldiers were awesome, too! They were really brave. I’m glad to have seen them in action.”

Shibusen cautions against the possible presence of other emitters within the continent and elsewhere. These emitters are capable of spreading Madness Wavelength for miles, with devastating effects on civilians. Florence, Vienna, Frankfurt and Prague suffered four hundred in casualties, with hundreds more injured. Shibusen estimates that at least one hundred and twenty people turned to kishin eggs that day, a number that hasn’t been seen in Europe since the last world war.

The European Union also expressed their thanks to Shibusen’s quick action, and promises to reward the soldiers and militia who assisted the cities in their time of need.

Florence, Frankfurt, Prague and Vienna all sound like such exotic locations, don't they? Look alive there, mission-goers. The European Union's opinion of Shibusen is starting to improve. If you get hurt, drag your butts back to the clinic before you bleed all over the diplomats.

Temperatures for today will be 55/48F (13C/9C).

The February application isn't too far away now, and once again the call for beta-readers has been put up. They were a really great help in the last cycle, so do please check the reserves page and consider volunteering!]

diez; video; january 17th
Just wait and see
What does it say about a hospital when I have to come in and keep the pillows fluffed? You guys need to handle your shit.

[She's sitting in a hospital room, in a chair by the window. The sun is laughing in the background. There are bags under Santana's eyes today, and she skimped on makeup. It's been a long week. First the mission, then Tenten gets torched by some psychopath. When she woke up this morning, Brittany was gone. Again.

She's surprised at how...okay she feels about it, this time. Still, it's just been one thing after another. She's tired. It doesn't help that she's been here pretty much all day.]

You skimp on the morphine, and the food sucks so much I have to bring some, and the place is too white so I have to decorate. Seriously, have you guys ever heard of colors? This looks like the kind of place where lobotomies happen.

You guys should be paying me for this.

01/17 | case #008: video - early afternoon

[Looks like someone's dropped his communicator on the ground, making it turn on at that precise moment to catch an expletive fall from the detective's mouth. He picks it up, sits down somewhere and looks at it for a moment.]

You recordin', huh.

[He doesn't seem to care that much that it's all live for the public. Or maybe he's aware of it, but not in the mood to acknowledge it... yet.]

Hey, I know this place is all demons and witches and death things and shit, but... you believe in curses? Heh. I think I'm pretty cursed. Maggie's gone. Left a lunch for me. And... that's it.

[There's a certain heaviness to Leon's gait now. It's as if the whole world is on his shoulders.]

Partners. Never thought fate would be this cruel-- sendin' me here where I gotta find a partner, then they snatch 'em away from me like that. An' I thought losin' one while on the job back in LA was tough. Fuck. Maybe I shouldn't be tryin' ta partner.

Lookit that, bigshot LA homicide detective down on his luck, always losin' his partners. What a joke of a cop.

[He'll shut off the feed then, and get back to his patrol. He doesn't quite particularly care if anyone notices his post-- replies might be a hit or miss. Depends on his mood.]


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