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001 ☁ video; december 7th
kingofdecisions wrote in soul_campaign
[For a second or two, Guo Jia regards the screen levelly. His bearing then shifts into one far more casual, and when he speaks his tone is deceptively light.]

Prepare for the rain, so not a single drop shall leak through: I give care to all things, on Lord Cao Cao's behalf.

Yet this... this was not a raindrop, but rather a flash flood. How swiftly it came upon me, unforeseen! Now that I've been forcibly swept far from where I am meant to be, what care can I give?

My task passes into the hands of my shixiong.


[He smiles, shallow and breezy.]

What an impressive display, though. Who would have thought that such extraordinary powers existed? With the promise of much more to come, no less!

[He lifts a hand to his face, cupping his chin in a habitual gesture. A trace of irritation colours his voice.]

Don't misunderstand me: I'm angry that I was abducted from my post at such a crucial time. [He briefly taps his finger against his lips, and the annoyance in his tone dissipates.] However, I also hate inefficiency, so I've decided to contribute to this war effort for the time being.

[A moment's pause, then:]

I do have one request to make. I'd like to speak with someone taken from a less technologically advanced land, so long as they have lived here in Death City for a reasonable stretch of time. Say, at least a month? Long enough to have settled in fairly well.

Surely that is not much to ask.

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That's BREW for you. The more inconvenient your arrival the better.

So what's all this jazz about rain and Lord What'shisface?

Edited at 2011-08-17 03:49 pm (UTC)

Only that I take my employment very seriously.

It really is a nail in the eye; after years of patience, things were about to fall into place.

Dare I ask what things?

Plans of varying sorts, aimed at the same goal: my lord's victory in a large military campaign. Since my lord's name means nothing to you, I would hate to bore you with the details.

Mmmm. One of those "my gun is bigger than your gun' sort of things.

Anyway, you brought it up. I was only making conversation.

There's much more interesting conversation than the balance of power in a land that holds no relevance to you -- no insult was meant.

Incidentally, what precisely is a 'gun'?

None taken.

So no guns, huh? They've been around for awhile too. Alright, well, think of a hand held weapon that, how would I put this? That shoots a small metal cylinder with a pointed end out of a barrel when the trigger is pulled.

[That probably made no sense whatsoever. Faye exhales into her bangs as she thinks.] You know, it would probably be easier to see one in action.

[He looks intrigued by the concept, at least.]

I agree. Are you offering a demonstration?

Maybe. I haven't decided yet.

Hahaha, it seems that I'm at your mercy.

Now don't tell me that~ I might try to take advantage.

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