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This is serious business young man.
sparklingmanly wrote in soul_campaign
[This isn’t filtered, but heeeeeey Watch people heeeeey come look here. See this video feed? This one? Yeah, its there, and its showing the Watch Headquarters, as always. Armstrong is here now being all sparkly as usual while beside him is a certain blond knight who most of you might remember rather fondly.]

Greetings. [Formal as always, can’t always hurt.] As most of you are aware by now, the Colonel is currently taking a break from handling the Watch and has given command of operations to me at the moment. Once again, should any of you still have any concerns, please direct them to me instead of the Colonel - I will direct them to him, should they be necessary.

[Anyway, to the point of this post. Armstrong inclines his head here now.] More importantly, today I would like to introduce you properly to Flynn Scifo. Some of you might already know him, but the Colonel has wished for him to participate more actively in the operations of the Watch, and thus he will be undergoing instruction and training so as to incorporate him into the core command of the Watch in time to come. As such, he will be around frequently; that said, I hope that you all can be patient and understanding and learn to work with him well. [Yeah so saying that, he’ll step off for a bit so that Flynn can put in a few words for himself.]

[Flynn takes over, placing a hand over his chest and doing a little half bow before speaking] I’d like to personally thank Roy and Armstrong for this chance... but as I’m still very new here I’d also like to ask you all, not just those on the Watch but all of Death City’s citizens, to teach me while I’m working here. This way I can better serve you all. [He tucks his hands behind his back in military at ease... though he also looks a little pleased with himself regardless of the serious stance, maybe even a little embarrassed by it all.]

[Oh Flynn is done! Stepping back now, all beefy and sparkling again.] Once again, if there is anything about the Watch that requires attention, please direct them to me. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

[Okay the important bit done. Now to the other things...]

[Filtered to the Watch]
In addition to that, Miss Gainsborough - one of the clerks - is now aiding the Watch as a Liaison Officer, so please do give her your support.

[Filtered to Watch Trainers (+Roy)]
One of the medics has requested for some lessons in basic combat. Would anybody be willing to teach him?

[Filtered to Motochika (+Roy)]
The Colonel has instructed me to pass you more orders for customised weapons to be made. [Pause.] Should you be willing to do so, the items are a pair of iron fans and a shield.

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Participate like how? Shadowing patrols?

[Oh hi, Armstrong! It seems Faye is on your shift. /late to this party]

It depends on what is the most effective.

[Ooooh ahaha.]

I mean, it can't be that hard to learn the ropes.

What about just tossing him into whatever job he's gonna do and seeing what happens? You know, trial by fire, sink or swim.

It will be a gradual process of learning. [Inclines his head.] Rushing things will not help.

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