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First Leap - [Video]
lone_defender wrote in soul_campaign
[So Rose has been pretty quiet since she arrived, digesting all the information she could get on this world, and...well, people watching for the most part. She likes to know what she's dealing with, if she's going to be stuck as a part of a war. Running right into a war without knowing what was going on just because of a spiel from one of the people involved in the war? Not good.

But she's just about satisfied now, so she's finally turned to that...interesting communicator.]

Hi. [She gives a little wave.] I'm Rose. Rose Tyler. I've been here for a little while now...but I thought I ought t'get to know some of us who've also been dragged here. We're in the same boat, might as well be friends, yeah? [She smiles.]'ll be nice t'meet some of you.

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I suppose that's one way of looking at it.

Faye Valentine, by the way.

I figure it's a helpful one. [She nods.] S'nice to meet you...Faye?

That's right~

It can't hurt anything, anyway. Just don't go getting too attached.

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