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7. [Video]
Beaming in JOY
spandexisyouth wrote in soul_campaign
[Have a very enthused Gai on your screens. He's not wearing spandex; this city is sadly lacking in spandex, but he's still wearing green. The smile, well. It's big. Which is normal. And probably a bit scary.]

Welcome to Death City, new people! I am Maito Gai, and I am in charge of the training that is held every morning in this city! It covers everything from physical fitness and basic combat, to working with your partner, to checking out the Watch! Breakfast is provided every morning as well. I can answer questions about training or the Watch, as I am one of the Zone Leaders for the Watch as well.

It is a good idea to come by! Then you can learn to maximize your potential by training and challenging yourself! I look forward to seeing you all there! [A pause, and there's an amused look in his eyes for a moment.] That includes you, Santana.

[Amusement is gone, replaced by joyful pride.] Also! To those of you who have been here longer... You know two of my three adorable students, Lee and Neji. My third student is now here, and I am very glad to have her present! Her name is Tenten and she is intelligent and competent. I hope you all treat her well!

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[Blah, blah, potential blah. It's always the same old training spiel - wait. What was that?]...breakfast?

Yes! Breakfast as a part of training!

Now that's what I like to hear! What time do you start? [please don't be dawn, please don't be dawn, please don't be dawn]

Six in the morning!

Ughhh. Really?

Say...what about making it ten-ish? I guarantee people would be more alert for training if it was at ten.

That is a waste of an excellent and lovely morning! Also it is cooler when it is held earlier!

Who said anything about wasting it? There's other ways of enjoying the morning. [like sleeping in and leisurely drinking cups of coffee and sleeping in...did she say that already?]

But if it's temperature you're worried about, there's always evening, riiiight~ Dinner could be provided with training instead of breakfast!

The best way is to greet it with exuberance and exertion! Morning training goes from six to nine and that is when it will stay!

...exuberance and exertion. Sounds like fun. [cue big, dramatic sigh followed by a brief pause and she changes tactics.]

You know, Gai, was it? I have to say I have to admire the way you stick to tradition.

You are correct! That is my name! But I do not think that I know yours. And thank you! Tradition can be important!

Oh, how rude of me! It's Faye. Faye Valentine.

You're welcome~ So many people nowadays toss tradition away because they think it's old, stale, overdone... I mean, there's usually a good reason why some things are done the same way over and over and over again, right?

It is nice to meet you, Faye!

[He blinks, a little surprised at her agreeing with that, and beams.] There is! And tradition can be youthful as well, it does not have to be old!

Of course not! Why, with a little, oh what's the word...innovation just about anything can be rejuvenated.

...Rejuvenated? The training would have to be even earlier to make it more youthful...

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