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usofawesome wrote in soul_campaign
Alright, that was NOT COOL.

So I heard we could turn into weapons and stuff, right, and I thought "Man, that sounds AWESOME." SO I thought I'd try it. And, it was awesome. But then



UNDER. THE COUCH. ALL DAY! Making friends with freaking dust bunnies!


Who wants to do something fun?

((ooc: I'm back. :3 Gonna be backtagging a little, but I still won't be at full speed until I can get my laptop working again.))

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[ There's a titter ... followed by a snicker ... but Sora just can't hold it in. He bursts out laughing as if that's the funniest thing he's ever heard in his life. ]

You just made my day, whoever you are!

Hey! It wasn't--

I guess it was kinda funny.

I'm Alfred. Better known as America. Who're you?

Alfred, huh? Well it's nice to meet you, 'Alfred Who Got Stuck Under The Couch'.

[ Another giggle. ]

I'm Sora!

If you start calling me that, kid...

[even Rise has to giggle a little at that but then she clears her throat]

Hey, how'd you manage to do it?

I'm not really... sure. It wasn't happening and it wasn't happening and then all of the sudden it happened.

Strange. I've tried to but I haven't been able to yet. Then again I'm not really sure what I'm suppose to be doing. Did you just...think about it?


... [Have some light snickering he's trying so hard not to let him hear it.] Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

You could've looked for me or something.

I did!

How was I supposed to know you were stuck under a couch!?

Serves you right.

[actually he's glad you're alive]

For what? Being ahead of the curve?

For sitting on the couch all day.

Well well, certainly sucks to be you.

You're a weapon then? What kind?

Yeah yeah, but you get used to it.

Some kinda handgun! I couldn't see myself enough to tell what kind, but it's pretty awesome anyway.

It's like that the first time.

Someone coulda said something.

What'd you expect it to be like?

Well I didn't think I'd get stuck under a couch.

We would've heard you even if you'd just said it normally.

... It's annoying.

[Have some loling at your fail, Alfred.] I bet that those dustbunnies were just the most wonderful company.

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