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January 22, 2010 - Friday
pedo_sun wrote in soul_campaign
[Temperatures for today will be 52/41F (11C/5C), and weather conditions will be mostly overcast and cloudy throughout the day. But that's not really remarkable considering the low temperatures and the near-permanent cloud cover over the city the past week, is it?

A few minutes after nine-thirty in the morning, some primordial force deep within the earth snaps, unleashing a massive wave of power that races through thousands of kilometers of solid rock. Whether by coincidence or by design, that tectonic energy slams into the Central Nevada Seismic Belt, and the resulting shockwave flows outward to the rest of the state and reaches Death City at exactly 9:42 AM. A magnitude 6.4 earthquake lasting 25 seconds rocks the city, shaking older buildings and causing things not bolted down tightly to tumble to the ground. The late Shinigami built Death City's roots deeply, however, so even if the damage will be highly visible, they will be mostly superficial.

Now, what will the damage to the guests be?

There will be smaller aftershocks throughout the day.]

[As announced previously, this day change will last a week long. The next day change will be on Feb. 7, 2012, 10am +8GMT over at Dreamwidth. Again, please comment to the Taken list with your Dreamwidth accounts, and join the following communities: Soul Campaign, Soul Logs, Soul OOC, and Soul Skirmish if you haven't yet.

We still need beta-readers for the February application cycle! We're starting from zero for the list of beta-readers, so if you volunteered before and would like to volunteer again, please comment here. You can also say if you want to permanently be on the list.

See you guys on the other side!]


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