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oo1 | January 21st, afternoon | video
windpetalwaltz wrote in soul_campaign
[The face that comes up on the screen might be a familiar one to some residents of Death City, but it's a little different. Here again is Kurama, but instead of vibrant red hair, he has black hair with a purplish tint to it, and in place of those green eyes are violet-grey hued irises. He smiles for the camera, expression pleasant.

When he speaks, his voice is soft, and rather androgynous, difficult to distinguish as male or female.

I'm a bit late on the introduction, my apologies. My name is Kurama, I came in with the most recent group brought by BREW.

According to my companion, Hiei, I've been here before, though I'm afraid I don't remember such events. So if I knew you before, please accept my sincerest apologies. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone. [ He gives a brief, brighter smile, and the video clicks off.]

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[He's a pretty teenager, and he really wants to make people feel welcome. He's never seen Kurama before, but that's okay.]

Welcome to Death City! I'd say welcome back, but I suppose you don't remember.

[Kurama appreciates being made to feel welcome! So the face on his screen gets another of those charming smiles.]

Unfortunately I don't, but I appreciate the sentiment.

[The charming smile is returned with dazzle!]

So by companion, do you mean a friend from your own world? Or is this Hiei person your, uh... miester? [That's a stab in the dark, so he'll just cover both bases.] Weapon?

A friend from my own world. [He's so used to saying 'partner', or 'companion', or 'teammate', friend sounds a little strange, even from his own mouth - Hiei would probably at least raise an eyebrow at the word himself.]

I've been designated as a Meister - I've yet to partner with a Weapon.

[As far as Takuto is concerned, a person doesn't spend enough time with another to call them a companion without also being a friend.]

I'm a meister, too! Have you tried resonating yet?

I haven't yet. I suppose I'm getting a slow start on many things here.

That's okay. You're never actually required to resonate, either, you know.

[Technically, participation in the war is optional. Though it's not actually a choice for Takuto, given his idealism and moral principles. Still, he feels obligated to let Kurama know that.]

But I do know a few weapons, if you're interested. Do you have any kind of preference for what kind of weapon you'd like to wield?

There are interesting people here.. [ It's a quiet observation, after Kurama puts down the communicator. Next the little fire demon offers a small cup of tea, vaulting the back of the couch instead of sitting down the normal way. ]

... If interesting is the right word.

[Kurama sets the communicator down gently, and turns at the sound of his companion's voice. He accepts the tea with a murmured 'thank you', and sips thoughtfully, considering Hiei's words.]

I imagine. Different worlds, universes - 'it takes all kinds' is an understatement, in this situation. [There's a small, knowing smile threatening to break through as the black-haired teen watches Hiei over the rim of his tea cup.]

It must be frustrating for you, here.

[ He was content to be silent until Kurama says his next sentence, head tipping to the side slightly as if confused. It was probably obvious why he would be frustrated here, but at the same time, he almost wonders, knowing how Kurama seems to see things in ways he wouldn't think of. ]

... In what way?

You dislike humans. [As eloquent as Kurama can be, he's still to the point. But he takes a moment, sipping his tea before extrapolating.]

Here, there's little chance for escape from those around you. At home, you spend most of your time in Makai.

[ Straight to the point and spot on, as always. Hiei takes a moment to think and sip at his drink, careful as always with how he chooses his words around the other. ]

Here I escape to... here. [ He tips his head to indicate the apartment. ] There's not really anywhere else to go..

[Kurama offers a smile that's just shy of sympathetic - he knows better. He pauses a moment, quiet, hands wrapped around the cup as if to draw warmth.] Mm. Although, at least there's somewhere. [Because there would probably be violent results if there wasn't somewhere for Hiei to retreat to.]

Agreed. [ He knows just as well as the other how that would have ended up - very ugly. ]

.... How much of the city have you seen?

[Chika blinks as she looks into the camera.]

I didn't really know you that well last time you were here, but I've seen you around before at least.

But do you usually dye your hair red? Or did you dye your hair black recently? And get colored contacts. Or used to have them?

[Well that's...actually, while he has an answer for most questions thrown his way, this is a little different. He admits;]

Truthfully, I'm not sure about the difference.

I've always had this color hair and eyes, though I hear I had red hair and green eyes before.

Okay. So maybe in your future you'll decide to dye your hair and get colored contacts or something like...

Wait, your eyes are naturally purple?

[Kurama chuckles softly at that idea.] Perhaps.

[Well, originally, Kurama's hair is white, and his eyes gold, but that's a different time and a different form. Those that don't know him, don't need to know about it. It's not as if that form will be making an appearance here, with his status reduced to that of a human - a normal human (aside from the designation 'Meister').

The question causes the teen to raise his brows slightly, expression almost curious.

That's right.

Wow... that's a really weird eye color. Is that usual where you're from?

Is it?

[Kurama considers the girl's question.] I can't say it's unusual. My companion has red eyes, is that unusual too? [Thinking about it now, it's most likely because he's a demon - despite his human shell. After all, the rest of his family have very dark brown eyes - even Yuusuke. Although Kuwabara's eyes are blue, if he recalls correctly (then again, Kuwabara also has carrot orange hair - and he's Japanese.]

... Yep. Red eyes are usually weird too. At least on my version of Earth, anyway.

I wonder how you can come back and not remember anything? It seems rather odd.

But welcome back I suppose! I'm Orihime it's very nice to meet you Kurama-san.

It is, isn't it? [Kurama smiles anyway.] I'm sure it'd be much less troublesome for everyone if I did remember.

Thank you, Orihime-san. The pleasure is all mine. [Kurama is nothing if not polite.]

Maybe you will remember in time?

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