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Jan 20, evening, video
[Fail] Orz
adiosasshole wrote in soul_campaign
[Shinji is glaring at the screen, eyes kinda bleary, coat and hat missing. In fact he's just dressed in a wife beater and sweatpants. Those that know him and his work schedule will realize that while the sun is going down outside this is actually first thing in the 'morning' for Shinjiro. His voice is even still kinda thick from sleep, and his already naturally messy hair is sticking up in even more angles then normal.]

Who there hell took my hat?

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[The screen flicks on to display a well dressed man. He's sitting at a desk, obviously still working, calmly sipping his tea.]

Do you have any evidence that someone took your possession?

Perhaps You Misplaced It

[... Someone's still at work. Or just finished. She's taken off the headdress at least.]

Your hat's missing? When did you last see it?

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