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01 ♦ January 20 [Video]
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luckyfooted wrote in soul_campaign
[Barnaby pops on screen, face fairly devoid of emotion. This is just a business call, of course.] Excuse me. I had two questions, if anyone could provide answers or helpful information.

First: about the BREW which brought us all here, what is already known about this machine? Besides the fact that it exchanges our abilities from our home worlds to a working ability here, what else is it capable of? And... in terms of time... is it a common occurrence to take people from ...different points in time?

[He spares a brief glance off screen, towards his partner's room, but he quickly turns back to the mirror.]

Second: I'm looking for two individuals, Flynn Scifo or Roy Mustang. An acquaintance of mine said I should speak to one of them in order to learn more about joining the city watch. Where may I go about finding them?

Thank you in advance.

[FILTER; Yuri Petrov]

Judge Petrov, sorry to bother you, but if it isn't too much trouble, can my partner and I borrow you for a while whenever you're free? Wild Tiger's running into some difficulty with his ability, and... I'm not sure who to ask in terms of helping him find a better way to turn into it. I was wondering if we could borrow your brain for a little.

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[action because i do what i want]

[MEANWHILE Kotetsu is currently lounging on the bed, scratching at the bandage on his cheek while staring at the arm he has stretched out in front of him. He's been just staring at his hand for a while now, a little caught up in his thoughts from their first mission and this whole weapon thing. The fight had been... terrible, to say the least, but at least they were okay?! Somewhat. Eh, a few bandages never hurt anyone.

Clenching his hand into a fist and unclenching it, trying to concentrate... and watching as nothing happened. Cue loud frustrated groan as Kotetsu reaches for the pillow behind his head and proceeds to smash it against his face. After a few moments of silence a muffled whine came forth from the pillow, though when Kotetsu realized that probably wasn't going to get him heard he tossed the pillow aside.

Oooi, Bunnyyy...

[action ooh watch out we've got a badass over here]

[Once the post is made, Barnaby sighs and reclines in his seat, right hand idly reaching for his left wrist again. After that abysmal nightmare of a first mission (that was a trend with this duo, wasn't it?) Barnaby's decided to focus more on making sure they're more prepared next match. Fighting skills alone will only get them so far; at least now they know a limit.

His mind is only starting to drift when he hears the whine coming from his partner's bedroom, and part of Barnaby really, really just wants to call across the room, but he knows that would get them nowhere. So, with a grimace, he eases himself onto his feet and treks over to Kotetsu's room. He pushes open the door and sticks his head in.

What is it?


[Pushing himself up and into an indian-style seated position onto the bed.]

Training! And I don't mean later, I mean now. The sooner the better!

[action what are you even talking about (whistles)]

[What. Training already? Barnaby crosses his arms.]

Are you sure you're alright for training?

I had a long post on the topic of BREW before, actually. [A beat.] I heard you're looking for me?

Oh? Hopefully you uncovered some sufficient answers. [And hopefully you'll tell Barnaby everything you know because he's desperate.]

Are you one of the watch leaders I asked for?

Here. [Sending a link over.] And I am. Roy Mustang, at your service. Interested in joining up, mm?

[Whoa! All the info already? His eyes widen; it's like Christmas!] All of it, so soon? Thank you!

And yes. Nice to meet you, Mr. Mustang. I'm Barnaby Brooks, Jr. and I was wondering if my partner and myself could sign up.

[You caught him while he's at his work desk drinking tea. Yuri is just sitting there calmly while sipping at his sweetened beverage.]

There's no bother at all Mr Brooks. It's all part of my job, after all.

[Placing the cup down, he turned his full attention to Barnaby. He's working late tonight, a bit of a workaholic after all, but he'd make whatever time needed for Barnaby and his partner.]

I am available for whenever you're in need. When is it most convenient for you and Mr Tiger?

[But enjoying this immensely.]

Thank you so much, Judge Petrov. We'd really appreciate it.

I'll have to talk to him first, but would tomorrow or Friday if that's alright. We're still... recuperating a little from our mission.

Recuperating? [His expression slipped perfectly into one of concern at the mention of them recuperating.] I do hope that neither of you are injured.

[Getting back to business though.]

Either of those days would be fine. [A minor pause.] May I ask if there are any other problems Mr Kaburagi may have with his ability? Or is it the transformation process just causing the problems.

It's nothing we can't handle. [Which is Barnaby's catchphrase for all his bumps and bruises.] Just a few bumps and bruises. [And maybe a sprain here and there, some bandaids. Typical day at the office, anyway.]

Alright. I'll go ask him shortly.

As for problems... I think it's just the actual transformation, but I'm not sure. I think it might kick in once he's got a hang of the basics.

It does, sometimes, appear to take people from different points in their universe's timeline. I've only experienced it twice, on a personal level.

So it's a common occurrence? [Well, that's... a little less annoying.] It's unfortunate that it happens that way overall, though.

video; aaaaaaaaand now that lj is working for me again!!

Infrequent, but not unexpected.

It's not that unfortunate, considering some people come in after they've died, before they've died... before something shakes their foundation and changes them as a person. It can be... nice. Sometimes.

video; me too! this site is going to kill me


People can come in after they've died?

[She's happily in your post, reading your filters and loving how you've just made yourself a target for her to spring on so she can gather information on Mr. Petrov. So, she'll give you information in return.]

The BREW is a magical device that is indestructible, and it is actively bringing and sending people away until the war that we are currently fighting is over. Only then will the wish that activated it be considered granted, and the second wish will then active it again, that second wish being 'send all these people from different worlds home'.

As for time lines, BREW takes people from and where it chooses. You will have people who know of endeavours you have never done, and there are others that may not even know you for they haven't lived what you have.

[Yay, unknowingly helping each other out!]

So it will only send everyone to their proper worlds once the war is done? [...well, that's...]

This BREW device is a lot more demanding than I thought.

Technically speaking, yes. However, BREW does send people back to their worlds from time-to-time. Death is a good way to be sent home, but there is no telling what state you arrive back in.

It is a pain. Are you with other people from your world?

Death...? As in dying here?

[That just sounds like a horrible plan and way to 'go'.]

Yes. And, unfortunately, it doesn't look as if we're all from the same point in time.

It takes people from different points in time. You wouldn't know it's that powerful since it's only the size of a human hand... It can't be damaged, either. People have tried to attack it, but it reflects everything back.

It's that small? [He was thinking something large and ominous.]


It's a cube about this big. [He holds his hands out, one on top of the other, about four inches apart with his fingers crooked to mime the action of carrying a small box.]

A cube... That's not large at all! [Well, there goes plan kick-it-until-it-works.] Does anyone know where it came from?

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