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january 20th - video - noon
bring it on
turnbeaktime wrote in soul_campaign
Alright, so check this.

[The video comes on to show Dave(sprite) standing in front of a good sized tree stump. He gives it a few kicks to show the audience it isn't rotted through. Then, with more dramatics then necessary, he turns himself into weapon form and plants himself blade-end down into the wood. Excalibur style.

You'll have to forgive him for not actually knowing Excalibur.]

Bet you there's not a single one of you that can make themselves the crowned king of cool by being able to yank me free of this thing.

Though I'm not waiting around all day. And I have the right to decline attempts based on high percentages of lame.

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[Yuuri watched, his eyes growing wider with each action that's taken, before he's moving in closer to the screen to take a look.]

...king of cool...? [The words are muttered to himself. Yuuri doesn't understand why this Weapon's doing this.]

Eee? How come you're doing that?

I think the real question is "Why didn't anyone else think of this first?"

Let me guess. You don't watch many movies?

And if I manage to do so?

Then you'll officially be a badass, just as I said.

[Have a man with blond messy hair, and visible circuits in his neck. There's more all over his body but the clothes covers them.]

I don't think we will be able to yank you free unless you want it.

You'll take all the fun out of this, man.

[He chuckles.] Sorry, I was programed to say the most logical answer to a given problem.

[The most lineface of stares.]

Bet I can do it.

Bring it on, troll girl.

Sorry, not interested in Weapons that don't chop the entire tree down.

That's assuming I wasn't the one that chopped this thing to begin with.

[He wasn't, but still.]

[Looking amused]

I think I'd like to give it a try.

Then stop thinking and start doing!

Alright then. Is that the park?

...Are you looking for a Meister by sitting in a log? Is this a metaphor for something else?

Yeah, man. This is one of life's greatest metaphors.

By which I mean no, I've basically just stuck myself in a log for the hell of it.

The King of Cool?

[Have a curious look. Missing the point entirely, he wants to know all about this king.]

Check out that sweet echo.

It's just as I said it, bro.


[sorry bro, arthurian legend is not a thing where he's from.]

[he arches an eyebrow.] There are better ways to judge someone than based on pure strength.

[ holy crap! This must be the Excalibur thing Blair was talking to him about! Who would've thought it'd show itself on the network. Lucky!! ]

[Have an absolutely baffled look.]

What kind of trial is this...? From what I'm told, there is no royalty in this city.

...Man, some of you guys make this so easy it's almost not worth it.

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