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January 20th- Video- Morning
healinghime wrote in soul_campaign
[Well, she hasn't made an appearance in a long while Death City but she looks very lively even though she has smudges of flour and dough on her face and apron. Orihime looks quite proud as she holds up a little turtle shaped bread. It looks very delicious and shiny but do not judge it solely on it's appearance.]

Helloooo Death City!

I found the most neatest recipe about making animal shaped bread! It's green tea powder and marmalade glaze with raspberry filling, though...I thought it needed a bit more so I added red chili peppers too with the raspberry. I tried one--or..well..two already and they're really delicious.

Rangiku-san, you should come try some too! I especially thought you would like it as well!

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That's certainly interesting looking! But... I'm a squick unsure about chili peppers inside bread.

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[Orihime tilts her head curiously.]

You think so? I thought something sweet but somewhat spicy would be a nice touch with the sweetness of the marmalade and raspberry filling.

[chuckles a bit.]

That's usually not the case, aye? Unless you often eat things like that in your world...

[She laughs a little as well and nods her head.]

Thats right. I don't think anyone but Rangiku-san eats the same types of food I do.

I do eat things like this often! I like adding more variety of flavors to my meals.

Well, it's certainly different! [laughs] Most would reserve spicy flavours for savoury things but to each his own, I suppose.

Variety is the spice of life as they say!

That is true! Though now I'm curious how something like that would taste. So far I've found that if it's food, I don't mind it!

You can try some of it if you want! I made a lot.

Oh, you don't mind?

I'd like to try one then!

By the way, I'm Dylan.

The more the merrier!

I'm Orihime.

[He's not a cook in the least so hey, chili peppers sounds like a legit enough ingredient. A little odd but maybe it works?!]

Oho--! That's really cute! What other kinds of animals can you make?

[Orihime immediately sees Tiger and waves excitedly.]

Wild Tiger-san, it's nice to see you!

Ummm...I can make a crab, a turtle, and a fish. But I wanna learn more.

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[Kotetsu scratches at his bandaged cheek sheepishly for a moment, waving back as well. It's nice to see this sort of excitement on people. If only his daughter was more like this... or Barnaby... but anyways, he leans in a little more into his communicator to get a better look.]

Not that bad of a list... ah, you should try finding out if you can make a bunny one!

Ohhh thats a good idea! Bunny ones sound really cute. I shall make those next.

Let me know how they turn out! --or, if you need help I wouldn't mind volunteering! Just to make the work a little easier. [Not plotting to try and make bunny-shaped bread for Barnaby one day, nope nope nope.]

Uwahh of course Wild Tiger-san! I will gladly have you help me.

...aah, I guess I've at least gotta say that I'm not exactly that good with baking. Or just cooking period. --I can make fried rice though! So, that's some experience! That's more than good enough I think.

Fried rice is very tasty!

I think so too, I can help you with baking as well.

It's the best! But you haven't had any kind of fried rice until you've tried mine, then it's an experience. [Even if it's the only thing he can make he's still incredibly proud of his rice, no matter what his mother says.]

--oh, I had a good idea just now! You help me with baking and I'll offer ya a free meal. Wild Tiger's specialty fried rice, free of charge!

OH REALLY? That is a wonderful exchange.

I believe you have yourself a deal Wild Tiger-san! I can't wait to try your fried rice!

[ Not even two minutes after Orihime's post Rangiku will do the unthinkable.


Did someone say Orihime was cooking?! [ I GLANCES SHE GLANCES AROUND EXCITEDLY. ]

[WAIDFJBDHJF Orihime jumps when her door is suddenly opened but--its Rangiku and she instantly smiles.]


Yes yes, I made turtles!

Turtles?! You got me turtles?! To eat?! [ SHE CAN'T EAT THOSE. THOSE GIVE HER CARBS. ]

Yes? They have green tea and marmalade as covering and raspberry with red chili peppers as filling.

Ah~? Orihime~? Are these turtles like actual live turtles or are they just one of those silly pastry designs? [ Keeps one eye open because... well, uh, this is really vital for her. ]

Oh no no, they're pastries Rangiku-san.

Oh! [ She didn't know this !!!! ]

Then sign me up and feed me Orihime~! I'm reaaady~! I bet they're fantastic since they're made by someone like you! [ she is going to appraise your efforts based on how yummy they are! ]

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ahhh I'm not that good of a cook.

[She laughs and rubs the back of her head. Orihime holds out a plate with the turtle pastries on it.]

try one~

Your cooking is one of the greatest I've ever had, Orihime! And this says a lot since you know how long I've been alive!

[ She takes one and chews on it. ME FUCKING GUSTA. I mean, to anyone else this would be obscene poison but still! ]

Hmmmgh~!? I like it, Orihime!

Oi, you make enough to share?


YUP! I can make more too, I have extras of the ingredients.

Can I get some of it then?

Yes yes of course you can!

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