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January 20, 2010 - Wednesday
5 that was a marvelous joke; shinigami!
pedo_sun wrote in soul_campaign
[Today's temperatures will be 48/36F (9C/2C). The sky will be overcast for most of the day, and once again it will rain lightly in the afternoon.]

Just a bunch of migration-related reminders for today, since we're a week away from the move to Dreamwidth:

Please remember to comment on the Taken page with your DW accounts if you haven't yet! We will only be accepting the accounts of those who've commented.

The Partner directory layout has been changed a bit, so players who have registered partners, please check out the instructions regarding the writeup part at the bottom of the page. Just comment at the page with your blurbs once you have them ready.

Another page that needs updating is the Character businesses directory. For those of you who have character businesses and haven't commented yet, please do so, so we can update the links in the table.


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