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062 | Mustang | Video | December 15, Morning
these battlescars
thewarisover wrote in soul_campaign
[Have one Roy Mustang, All Business, as per usual. He's over at the DOGs office at the moment.]

I think all of you have seen Death the Kid's announcement already. The members of the Watch who will be staying behind are going to do their best to keep this city safe while a lot of our partnered fighters are out of the city.

Filter: The Watch;

Apologies for being unavailable yesterday. Had to deal with a few things. [Nanako disappearing. Distraught boyfriend Dojima. Distraught household.] Anyway, I want a headcount of how many pairs plan on going to Europe within the next two days. I don't want to prevent any of you from going - indeed, Shibusen looks like they'll need all the help they can get over there - but we were also hired for a reason. We can't leave this place too easily and for such an extended period of time without preparing for it properly. As such, if any of the partnered pairs on the team are willing to stay, I'd appreciate it.

For the rest of you: stick to your shifts, and fill in extra slots whenever you can. Don't work yourselves too hard, though... fatigue will be our worst enemy, in this case. If your Zone Leaders and their deputies end up going to Europe, use your best judgment in dealing with any situations that may arise on the field. Flynn's going to be in command while I'm gone, and he'll have help from the liaison officers and members of the CIC.

Let's make this work out for everyone, all right? For our sake as well.

Filter: Lady;

Looks like we ended up getting our big mission after all.

Filter: Flynn Scifo;

You'll be in charge while I'm gone. You and I will have to talk about things as soon as possible.

Filter: Dojima, Jules, Souji;

I don't want to leave with everything that's been happening, but they're going to need fighters. Still... [Frowns.] Will the lot of you be okay?

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Guess I'm holding down the fort. [again...though this doesn't really sound like anything she wants to get mixed up in.]

What do you think the odds are of something actually happening here?

[video - watch tilter]

Pretty high.

No kidding. Well. Nothing like a little excitement to help pass the time.

[video - watch tilter]

I just wish 'excitement' did not involve hurting us too much, sometimes.

Then we make sure it doesn't.

Okay, so it's not that simple, but I don't have any plans of rolling over and dying anytime soon.

[video - watch filter]

I hope you'll use that will to live to save some people while you're at it, if it comes down to it.

I dunno. Maybe the ones that I like, we'll see. And you should see that you come back in one piece.

[video - watch filter]

You can count on that.

...I'll hold you to it.

[video - watch filter]

[That makes him chuckle.]

Seems like I've got a lot of beautiful women waiting for me to go out, win a fight and come back home now.

Oh, you manly man you. It'd be in bad form to disappoint us. We can turn pretty quickly you know~

[video - watch filter]

Oh, I'm well aware of that.

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