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The heavens shine down upon me!

January 22, 2010 - Friday
[Temperatures for today will be 52/41F (11C/5C), and weather conditions will be mostly overcast and cloudy throughout the day. But that's not really remarkable considering the low temperatures and the near-permanent cloud cover over the city the past week, is it?

A few minutes after nine-thirty in the morning, some primordial force deep within the earth snaps, unleashing a massive wave of power that races through thousands of kilometers of solid rock. Whether by coincidence or by design, that tectonic energy slams into the Central Nevada Seismic Belt, and the resulting shockwave flows outward to the rest of the state and reaches Death City at exactly 9:42 AM. A magnitude 6.4 earthquake lasting 25 seconds rocks the city, shaking older buildings and causing things not bolted down tightly to tumble to the ground. The late Shinigami built Death City's roots deeply, however, so even if the damage will be highly visible, they will be mostly superficial.

Now, what will the damage to the guests be?

There will be smaller aftershocks throughout the day.]

[As announced previously, this day change will last a week long. The next day change will be on Feb. 7, 2012, 10am +8GMT over at Dreamwidth. Again, please comment to the Taken list with your Dreamwidth accounts, and join the following communities: Soul Campaign, Soul Logs, Soul OOC, and Soul Skirmish if you haven't yet.

We still need beta-readers for the February application cycle! We're starting from zero for the list of beta-readers, so if you volunteered before and would like to volunteer again, please comment here. You can also say if you want to permanently be on the list.

See you guys on the other side!]

oo1 | January 21st, afternoon | video
[The face that comes up on the screen might be a familiar one to some residents of Death City, but it's a little different. Here again is Kurama, but instead of vibrant red hair, he has black hair with a purplish tint to it, and in place of those green eyes are violet-grey hued irises. He smiles for the camera, expression pleasant.

When he speaks, his voice is soft, and rather androgynous, difficult to distinguish as male or female.

I'm a bit late on the introduction, my apologies. My name is Kurama, I came in with the most recent group brought by BREW.

According to my companion, Hiei, I've been here before, though I'm afraid I don't remember such events. So if I knew you before, please accept my sincerest apologies. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone. [ He gives a brief, brighter smile, and the video clicks off.]

January 21, 2010 - Thursday
[Temperatures today will be 46/39F (8C/4C), and yep, it's still going to rain in the afternoon.]

We're in the final survey stage of making sure that we have everyone who'll be making the move with the game to Dreamwidth. Please comment here with your Dreamwidth accounts and join the communities (Soul Campaign, Soul Logs, Soul OOC, and Soul Skirmish) if you haven't yet!

The move is on January 30, Monday, and the January 21st day change will last for a week. Is everyone ready?

Jan 20, evening, video
[Fail] Orz
[Shinji is glaring at the screen, eyes kinda bleary, coat and hat missing. In fact he's just dressed in a wife beater and sweatpants. Those that know him and his work schedule will realize that while the sun is going down outside this is actually first thing in the 'morning' for Shinjiro. His voice is even still kinda thick from sleep, and his already naturally messy hair is sticking up in even more angles then normal.]

Who there hell took my hat?

01 ♦ January 20 [Video]
27 Dresses
[Barnaby pops on screen, face fairly devoid of emotion. This is just a business call, of course.] Excuse me. I had two questions, if anyone could provide answers or helpful information.

First: about the BREW which brought us all here, what is already known about this machine? Besides the fact that it exchanges our abilities from our home worlds to a working ability here, what else is it capable of? And... in terms of time... is it a common occurrence to take people from ...different points in time?

[He spares a brief glance off screen, towards his partner's room, but he quickly turns back to the mirror.]

Second: I'm looking for two individuals, Flynn Scifo or Roy Mustang. An acquaintance of mine said I should speak to one of them in order to learn more about joining the city watch. Where may I go about finding them?

Thank you in advance.

[FILTER; Yuri Petrov]

Judge Petrov, sorry to bother you, but if it isn't too much trouble, can my partner and I borrow you for a while whenever you're free? Wild Tiger's running into some difficulty with his ability, and... I'm not sure who to ask in terms of helping him find a better way to turn into it. I was wondering if we could borrow your brain for a little.

january 20th - video - noon
bring it on
Alright, so check this.

[The video comes on to show Dave(sprite) standing in front of a good sized tree stump. He gives it a few kicks to show the audience it isn't rotted through. Then, with more dramatics then necessary, he turns himself into weapon form and plants himself blade-end down into the wood. Excalibur style.

You'll have to forgive him for not actually knowing Excalibur.]

Bet you there's not a single one of you that can make themselves the crowned king of cool by being able to yank me free of this thing.

Though I'm not waiting around all day. And I have the right to decline attempts based on high percentages of lame.

January 20th- Video- Morning
[Well, she hasn't made an appearance in a long while Death City but she looks very lively even though she has smudges of flour and dough on her face and apron. Orihime looks quite proud as she holds up a little turtle shaped bread. It looks very delicious and shiny but do not judge it solely on it's appearance.]

Helloooo Death City!

I found the most neatest recipe about making animal shaped bread! It's green tea powder and marmalade glaze with raspberry filling, though...I thought it needed a bit more so I added red chili peppers too with the raspberry. I tried one--or..well..two already and they're really delicious.

Rangiku-san, you should come try some too! I especially thought you would like it as well!

January 20, 2010 - Wednesday
5 that was a marvelous joke; shinigami!
[Today's temperatures will be 48/36F (9C/2C). The sky will be overcast for most of the day, and once again it will rain lightly in the afternoon.]

Just a bunch of migration-related reminders for today, since we're a week away from the move to Dreamwidth:

Please remember to comment on the Taken page with your DW accounts if you haven't yet! We will only be accepting the accounts of those who've commented.

The Partner directory layout has been changed a bit, so players who have registered partners, please check out the instructions regarding the writeup part at the bottom of the page. Just comment at the page with your blurbs once you have them ready.

Another page that needs updating is the Character businesses directory. For those of you who have character businesses and haven't commented yet, please do so, so we can update the links in the table.

♏ 002 // VOICE // Jan. 19th // Evening
[DEAD] deception
[There's an entry of low, amused chuckling.]

Heeeeeeeey Pupa!

How's that arm, huh? Maybe you should take a lesson from me for once in your life. Then maybe you wouldn't fail at everything quite as spectacularly as you did a few days ago.



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